Drayton Stoves now stock a wide range of Dimplex Electric Heaters.

Safe and easy to use, Dimplex’s growing portfolio of electric based heating products are in high demand in our Whitchurch showroom.

A significant part of our role here at Drayton Stoves is not only to recommend the right product for you and
your building but to also educate potential clients on the benefits of our heating based products.

Rising energy costs are changing the way both manufacturers and homeowners produce and purchase their energy supplies respectively.

Many of our clients now find themselves searching for an eco-friendly and cost effective means of getting warm and if you are still deciding. 

The future of heating domestic space is definitely heading towards using electric power.

Government legislation around energy and its consequent rising costs means we are all under increasing pressure to make our energy green and renewable.

The rising costs of fuel is forcing homeowners to think differently.

As much as 36% of the energy we use here in the UK goes towards heating buildings and supplying hot water.

Legally, the UK is now committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 80% by 2050.

Therefore, homeowners and businesses looking to purchase innovative heating means must consider lowering carbon output and thinking electric.

Electric heating is now widely considered as the go-to vehicle for reducing our carbon footprint.

Electricity output will lower carbon sources and will help us match key emission targets set in 2030.

Ultimately, we expect that electric means of heating will become the universal player in reducing our carbon output.

  • Very low risk with electric heating due to no burning of fossil fuels.
  • Provides very low lifetime costs.
  • Little maintenance to run.
  • On average electric heating systems,will run 50% longer than gas competitors.
  • Quick and easy to install.

Contact Lisa instore to find out more about Drayton Stoves range of electric heaters.