Drayton Unique Collection

Here at Drayton Stoves, we’re proud to retail an excellent range of quality Multi-Fuel Stoves & Fireplaces.

Since being established in June 2016, the shop has evolved to adapt to each coming season, providing useful inspiration when it comes to furnishing your business or home.

We merchandise all of our products in a way that allows you to see individual prices, sizes and dimensions of all our stock, with helpful and assertive staff on hand to talk you through every step.

Ranging Styles

  • ELGIN & HALL (electric)
  • PENMAN (gallery collection)
  • CHARLTON & JENRICK (gas/electric)
  • ESSE
  • AGA
  • VALOR (gas fire)
Stuck for ideas choosing your ideal stove or fireplace? We’re here to help.

We believe choosing your ideal stove or fireplace should be backed with an understanding around your purchase and why it is the right one for you.

We’re not about pushy sale tactics or making sure we get rid of our oldest stock. In fact, we believe in the complete opposite.

When it comes to purchasing your next stove or fireplace, we understand that unless you have worked in the gas or heating trade you’ll probably need some helpful advice and inspiration. That’s where we come in.

There are a number of key considerations when it comes to choosing your fireplace or stove:

The size of the room: Front or back, we’ll be keen to know the relevant dimensions of the room you want your stove or fireplace fitted.

The Flue / Chimney: Is there an existing chimney or flue that we can use or amend?

The suitability of your hearth: This affects where we will place the stove.

Is there enough air supply: Depending on the age and heat output of any building there may need to be additional room ventilation.

This is especially important if the building is very old.

We’ll need to know if your building is a smoke control area so we can recommend the correct fuel type to use.

If you’re unsure, there’s a simple way to check via your local government website: please select here.

Have you thought about your fuel storage and where the best place to keep it dry and safe? Typically, most types of coal and any smokeless fuel needs to be stored in a protected surrounding. We are accredited to recommend where’s best and for which fuel type.

We only stock a comprehensive collection of stoves that are designed to delight the widest range of taste and styles.

Each and every room is different, or at least we believe so, therefore your purchase should be treated with the individual care that you deserve.

Our products range from traditional coal, split logs and wood-based alternatives to smokeless fuel fireplaces and stoves.

With such a range we can cater for you if you’re unsure which product would best suit your living or work space.

Cut your energy bills this winter with one of Drayton Stoves eco-friendly Log Burning Stoves. Wood burning stoves and fires provide carbon neutral energy which is fast becoming a popular alternative to gas heating. Key figures in property and renovation circles such as Channel 4’s Kevin McCloud are endorsing the benefits of log burning stoves.

  • Renewable energy resource
  • A reliable heating system
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Economic benefits to local community
  • Use seasoned logs to reduce smoke and tar in your appliance’s flue
  • Dry logs from local community sources provide excellent value forms of energy
Multi-fuel stoves are a popular, contemporary heating addition to your business or home. As well as being aesthetically pleasing their benefits range from reducing your energy costs to keeping a lid on the volume of smoke they produce.

  • Storm / Power cut proof
  • Great range of fuels from logs to smokeless eco-friendly solid fuels
  • Significantly reduce condensation
  • Keep on top of rising energy costs
  • Ideal fuel choice if you’re in a more remote location
A gas stove is generally less expensive to use than their electric cousin and use eco-friendly, natural sources of fuel to heat. A number of our branded stoves use the very latest technology to reduce as much as up to 40% of traditional gas output.

  • A green option for your kitchen
  • Energy efficient
  • Precise temperature control
  • Immediate heating and cooling
  • Better cooking results
A HETAS approved appliance means your heating based stove or fuel based product has been sanctioned by the highest accreditation in heating safety. Consumers who have purchased a HETAS approved product recognise:

  • The appliance conforms to all UK building regulations in its installation and use
  • the product is supplied with all relevant information on using the product from specified operating instructions to health and safety guidelines
  • HETAS is the independent UK body recognised by the UK Government for the testing and approval of solid fuel and biomass appliances and associated equipment and services
With all of Drayton Stoves’ products we implore our clients to understand and appreciate the immediate dangers that come with using any stove or fireplace. Young children may not see the dangers that come with a real log fire or the accessories we retail, therefore it’s essential you keep your purchases and surrounding areas as clean and tidy as possible.

  • The majority of chimney fires occur due to a build up of materials in the flue
  • Make sure your fireplaces are tidy and well maintained
  • Keep all fireplace and stove accessories out of children’s reach
  • Sweep your chimney at least twice a year depending on their fuel type
  • Smokeless Fuels: Once a year
  • Bituminous Coal: Twice a year